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Clipping path and multiple clipping path are tools in Photoshop that will help in maintaining focus onto the desired part of the photo. Clipping path uses the vector line to accurately outline the object or a person in a picture with a tool named as Photoshop pen. With this clipped object, you can transfer it onto another images or develop it into an entirely different picture. Multiple clipping path otherwise called as colour path is a higher level of clipping path that involves in changing the colour of a specified area in a picture or an object. The end result is in such a way that the colour pathed object become the highlight of the entire image. These services are highly useful in advertising industry to make the advertised product standout in the entire picture.

There is a process in the Photoshop called as the deep etch that will help you in cutting out an object from a photograph thus eliminating the background and enabling the separated object to be used in another photograph or else in a separate function. Imaging that you have a photograph of yourself standing on top of your house. With deep etch, you can cut out the outline of your body and place the cut out partial picture in a pool to make it look like you are standing in a swimming pool. Of course, to perform this procedure and produce a realistic photograph will need a professional and we at clipping path India provide you with this service.our dedicated team of experienced professional will deep etch your image to produce a result that is nothing but perfect.

Image masking is one of the most important if not the most important tool process in a Photoshop. It has to be used everywhere and almost every time in creating that perfect picture. So what is this image masking? As the name suggests, image masking is a series of action that covers you picture with an entirely different picture. But you can control the level of transparency a picture has over the other one. Picture that you have 2 images of a married couple. In one picture, they are leaving the wedding venue in a car and their backs are towards the camera and in another picture, there are holding hands and looking into each other eyes. Images masking allow you to fuse both the pictures together so that an entirely different image is created by image masking the two picture together wherethe couple are leaving in a car while simultaneously they are holding hands and looking at each other in this picture. We have a team of experienced personals who image mask the picture in a way you want them and produce that photo which you will save for eternity.

Image cut out is a procedure that will result in separating the desires object from a photograph. clipping path India has the perfect team of editors that will help you in separating your desired object from the photograph and converting it into another image which contains only that object. To ensure the quality is up to the standard. The cut out images are done by experienced professionals who have worked on thousands of images thereby creating delightful pictures. If the customers desire, we also provide service where the cut out object is placed on beautiful background of theirchoice instead of a plain one. upload a picture at clipping path Indian and we will ensure that you will have a wonderful picture of your desired object or loved ones.

Colour correction is a specific set of actions performed on a photo so that the end result is an image that looks significantly better coloured than the original one. to do this, manipulation of the white balance is important. The objects in the image whose colour looks pale or washed out has to be corrected to get a more realistic looking result. red, blue and green colour are adjusted for this specific purpose. At clipping path India, we ensure that the provided photo will look more realistic at the end and the colour enhancement process does not createsaturated colours or a dull looking picture. This fine balance between the colours to produces that perfect picture are handled by our expert panel. Go ahead, upload your photo and see the amazing results that our service provides.

Retouching is a Photoshop operation that is usually performed on a face in the photograph. We all know that the tradition point and shoot or a professional camera can take picture only up to a certain level. To reach the perfection stage for the photograph, retouching is an important tool. Ordinary looking skin tone is brightened and their colour and brightness are enhanced with a goal to make the skin glow. This process is advance. whitening or dampening the skin accordingly requires a great degree of precision and clipping path India provides exactly that. We have retouched many model’s images appearing on the cover of magazines with more than satisfactory results. We also provide higher level retouching such as frequency separation to get the right picture. Upload your picture and see how a simple retouching process can infinitely enhance you picture.

Clipping path India also offers the neck adding service where the colour and dimensions of the neck are adjusted to make it suit better in various conditions. This procedure will elongate or shorten the neck to make it look pleasing. Some conditions where the neck has to be modified are in the clothing advertisement industry. We know that to make the product look perfect, in order to achieve the perfect fitted cloth, the neck has to be adjusted to the product being advertise. The result will be a perfect product advert. Some other condition are when the neck of the models has to be adjusted to make them look heavenly in the photo shoot pictures, neck adding service will come handy in such situations. Not all necks are perfect but we at clipping path India ensure that your digital neck is nothing less than perfect.

Jewellery retouching is a digital mechanism to make the jewel in the picture look breath-taking. The photograph of the jewellery taken in real world look somewhat ordinary and humble. It is in such time comes our jewellery retouching service into play to make them look like they are priceless. To achieve this result, we enhance the raw picture taken in different ways. Some of them are to producea glare in the stones of the jewellery, others being process that makes the metal shine brilliantly. The gem which appear in various colours will have their colour intensified and the overall look of the jewellery is greatly enhanced with other little known techniques. our dedicated jewellery retouching team will ensure that the jewellery will attain an envious look.

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